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Our Corporate Responsibility

CERTEGO aims for stable and profitable development over time, in conjunction with good business practices. We don't measure success solely from an economic perspective but recognize the importance of considering our stakeholders and society at large. We refer to this as the "triple bottom line": People, Planet, Profit. By focusing on the people, we work with and making sound, environmentally friendly choices, we can build a sustainable and profitable business.

Our Objectives for 2023:

  • 75% of our employees will have been trained in the code of conduct, as well as in information security and sustainability.
  • 100% of new or renewed suppliers/partners will have signed our code of conduct for business partners.
  • We have commenced certification according to ISO 27001, ISO 27002, and NIST*.

*ISO 27001/ISO 27002/NIST are certifications for international information security management.

Our whistleblower service

Employees of CERTEGO, our business partners and other stakeholders are encouraged to report objectionable conditions that affect individuals, our organization, society or the environment. CERTEGO has zero tolerance for actions such as discrimination, harassment, crime, corruption and environmental violations. We offer a secure channel for anonymous reporting and dialogue.

Read more about our whistleblower service here
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Sustainable Value Chain

We aim for an open corporate culture, with high ethical standards based on respect and collaboration. We have zero tolerance for actions such as discrimination, harassment, crimes, corruption, and environmental violations, and we expect the same from our partners. Therefore, all our business partners are required to sign our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct for Business partners
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Competence development

We strive to be an inclusive workplace that offers a good, healthy, and safe working environment with opportunities for skill development and learning. We have our own CERTEGO Academy, tailored so that our employees can develop further in their work. CERTEGO Academy is an important part of our aim to be the industry's most attractive employer.

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IT security

Through our services, we retain a significant amount of confidential information that is crucial to handle carefully.

The importance of reducing the risk of unauthorized access, theft, or loss is a high priority for us and our stakeholders.

Read more in our Sustainability report
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CERTEGO's Certifications

When you choose CERTEGO as your security solution provider, you get a partner that adheres to established quality and environmental management systems. Along with our certifications, licenses, and approvals, this guarantees professional deliveries and achieved results. We take pride in our continuous improvement efforts across all aspects of our operations.

See some examples on our certificates