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Our Environmental Responsibility

The climate crisis is the most significant challenge of our time, and it is crucial that we all take action to reduce our impact. As a provider of security services, our greatest environmental impact comes from transportation, as our services require frequent visits to customers' properties. In addition to transportation, the areas of packaging and waste are also prioritized in our sustainability strategy, as they are the areas where we have the greatest opportunity to make an impact.

Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We continuously measure our greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). In 2023, CERTEGO reaches a significant milestone as we begin measuring Scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions related to the purchase of goods and services from suppliers), in addition to Scope 1 and 2 emissions (direct emissions). You can read more about this in our sustainability report for 2022.

Our Goals for 2023:

  • 30% of our vehicle fleet should be electrified/hybrid.
  • 75% of our departments should have implemented proper waste management.
  • 100% renewable electricity in cases where we are responsible for the electricity subscription.
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Our biggest source of emissions is transportation. Our commitment to delivering security solutions to our customers 24/7 often involves significant transportation, especially in installation and service. To reduce these emissions, we have implemented four main initiatives:

  • Removing fossil fuel options from the list of company cars.
  • Promoting optimized logistics planning to reduce the amount of transportation.
  • New car policy: Introducing electric utility vehicles with long range and good load capacity.
  • Investing in meeting equipment and focusing on choosing digital meetings where appropriate.

Goals for 2023 and 2025:

  • 30%  (2025: 50%) of the vehicle fleet should be electrified/hybrid.
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Packaging and Waste

Waste management and the use of packaging are both critical aspects of our sustainability efforts, affecting both the environment and our profit. The most effective way to handle waste is to reduce the amount generated in the first place. This can be achieved by reusing packaging materials, but also by reusing cylinder casings, bolts, springs, and other parts of solutions by repairing the specific part instead of replacing the entire solution.

We have developed a good approach to recycling waste, leftover materials, and exchanging security solutions during new installations.

Goals for 2023 and 2025:

  • 75%  (2025:100%) of all CERTEGO offices have implemented a proper waste management system for paper, plastic, metal, electrical, and residual waste.

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