Security for everything you want to protect

CERTEGO is a leading Nordic provider of comprehensive security solutions. We offer consultancy, installation, and service in areas such as locks, access control systems, intercoms, surveillance cameras, alarms, and fire safety.

We manage the entire process - from project planning, installation, to ongoing operation, administration, service and maintenance. Our extensive experience in security requirements, understanding of human movement in various environments, and knowledge of laws and regulations make us a reliable partner.

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Our Services & Solutions

We are providing design-, installation- and complete security solutions throughout the lifecycle of a building. Everything from services to project as well as key management in our shops.

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Our Customers

We offer comprehensive security solutions as a full-service provider, catering to a wide range of clients including those in multi-residential, construction, public sector, commercial property, and critical infrastructure domains.

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Organisation and management team

Our company extends its influence throughout the Nordics. With a workforce exceeding 1,200 personnel spanning 4 countries and an extensive network of more than 70 branches, we uphold our proximity to customers through a localized approach.

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CERTEGO has roots dating back over 300 years. Even before the advent of industrial lock production, locks were forged for Uppsala Cathedral in a smithy that later became one of the many companies now incorporated into CERTEGO.

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