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What does sustainability mean for CERTEGO?

5/10/24 10:15 AM

Read below about how we at CERTEGO work with sustainability issues.

At CERTEGO, we take comprehensive responsibility for sustainability. On the environmental front, we have made important decisions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, especially by starting to use electric company cars. Our goal is to create a more sustainable vehicle fleet, and we are actively working to become more energy efficient.

Social responsibility is a matter close to our hearts at CERTEGO. Through the tool Winningtemp, we actively engage in the well-being of our employees by weekly monitoring their work situation and private life. With these responses, we can actively work to improve the organization's engagement and work environment.

We also aim to promote diversity and inclusion at all our workplaces, which has resulted in a membership in the Diversity Charter. We have also implemented a digital platform for training in our code of conduct, ensuring that all levels within the organization follow our guidelines.

At CERTEGO, we look forward to continuing our work on various sustainability issues. Through these efforts and investments, our long-term commitment to building a sustainable future continues, in line with the UN's goals for sustainable development.


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