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CERTEGO publishes its Sustainability Report for 2022

5/15/23 1:17 PM

CERTEGO Group has today published its sustainability report 2022. This year's report highlights our materiality analysis and focus areas, including targets for 2023 and 2025. The report also shows the Sustainable Development Goals that have been identified as most relevant to CERTEGO’s operations and the goals to which we can contribute the most. 

Read the report here

Materiality analysis 2022

In 2022, CERTEGO performed a materiality analysis in line with the GRI Foundation 2021. The double materiality concept includes both our impact on the planet, people, and society, and how we as a company is financially affected by the world around us.

The report elaborates on the seven topics that were defined as material and critical for our sustainability work. These are: diversity and inclusion, transport, safety, health and well-being, IT & information security, competence development, sustainable value chain and packaging and waste.

Through our work with the 2022 materiality analysis, we have taken our first step towards an integrated and systematic approach to be able to document, report and improve in our sustainability work. The analysis helped us to prioritize focus areas and forms the basis for our strategy and framework within sustainability.     

Joakim Halfwordson,
Sustainability Manager & CCO CERTEGO Group

Responsibility - part of our core values

As the Nordic expert in independent access control and monitoring solutions, our 1200 employees show strong commitment to support our customers in a responsible way throughout the complete lifecycle of a building. 

For us, sustainability is about being responsible and taking responsibility. Responsibility for creating a great place to work, making climate-friendly choices, and building a solid and long-term profitable organisation. Our ambition is high; we shall be the most responsible company in our industry in 2026!    

Jonas Granath, CEO CERTEGO Group

Combat climate changes - measuring Scope 3 emissions

I 2023 CERTEGO will hit an important milestone when we will now also measure scope 3 – (the indirect emissions linked to the purchase of goods and services from suppliers), in addition to scope 1 and 2 (controlled and owned emissions). 

Measuring all three scopes enables us to understand our full value chain emissions and focus our efforts on the greatest reduction opportunities. The threat of climate change is substantial, and it is imperative that we all take decisive action to reduce our emission. 

We aim to intensify our sustainability efforts even more to set the industry standard. Together we can shape a secure a sustainable future.

Read the report here

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