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CERTEGO is actively pursuing its sustainability objectives, aiming to reach a 30 percent green vehicle fleet by 2023.

Sep 20, 2023 11:04:46 AM

Just last week, CERTEGO distributed 14 brand-new electric and plug-in hybrid cars to bolster their commitment to achieving a 30 percent green vehicle fleet by 2023.

CERTEGO's ambition is to establish itself as the foremost authority in independent access and surveillance solutions across Northern Europe.

I´m responsible" stands as one of our fundamental values, deeply ingrained in our business philosophy. For us, sustainability equates to responsibility—assuming responsibility for fostering a conducive and safe working environment, opting for eco-friendly choices, and constructing a resilient and economically sustainable organization for the long haul. Our ultimate aim is to stand as the most socially responsible company within our industry, setting a precedent for sustainability. As industry leaders, we can make meaningful contributions to a safer and more sustainable world.

Jonas Granath, CEO of the CERTEGO Group.

CERTEGO wholeheartedly endorses the United Nations' global sustainability goals, and in alignment with this commitment, we have established tailored environmental targets. Among these objectives is a crucial environmental aim: the gradual reduction of our environmental footprint. A specific sub-goal is ensuring that all company vehicles transition to being electric or plug-in hybrid. By 2023, we aspire to have 30 percent of our vehicle fleet comprised of electric vehicles. Further, we are steadfast in our resolve to have 50 percent of our vehicle fleet electrified or plug-in hybrid by 2025.

Statistical data indicates that electric cars emit a significantly lower amount of CO2—approximately 80% less—when compared to their diesel counterparts and 81% less than gasoline-fueled vehicles. It's worth noting that an electric car already surpasses its environmental benefits over traditional vehicles after covering a mere 11 500 km.

The demand for a green vehicle fleet has progressively become a standard expectation from our customers. Towards the close of 2022, CERTEGO conducted an extensive materiality analysis as part of our sustainability reporting efforts. The findings revealed that both customers and suppliers place a high priority on sustainable transportation practices.

Just last week, we embarked on another round of deliveries of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to our dedicated team of CERTEGO technicians. Fourteen delighted technicians finally received their eagerly awaited new cars, with some having patiently waited for over 2 years.

Our journey remains firmly on course to realize our sustainability objective of achieving a 30 percent green vehicle fleet by 2023.



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