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CERTEGO invests in digital development to promote the environment

Nov 16, 2023 3:17:07 PM

Digital keys have rapidly transformed the way we access and secure our spaces, evolving from traditional physical keys to advanced, technology-driven solutions. This paradigm shift in access control has not only enhanced convenience but also significantly improved security measures across various domains, from residential to commercial and industrial settings.

The shift from traditional physical keys to digital access solutions brings about several environmentally friendly advantages, such as reduced material consumption, minimal waste generation, energy efficiency, remote management and optimization and multipurpose integration for sustainable initiatives.

Additionally, digital keys enable better tracking and monitoring of access, leading to more efficient use of spaces and resources.

As the technology supporting digital keys continues to evolve, further opportunities for integrating sustainability measures into access control systems are anticipated, continuing the drive towards more eco-friendly and efficient access solutions.

Digitalization offers significant opportunities to transform access management and key administration processes. With digital locks and keys, you can manage access remotely, reducing the need for personnel to handle lost keys and eliminating the requirement for contractors to physically retrieve and return keys after completing service. This not only reduces costs but also minimizes both financial expenditures and CO2 emissions. We also envision possibilities to fully automating processes, such as having a fault report automatically generate access during a specified times

says Peter Johannesson, service developer at CERTEGO



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